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Book Gaeta Taxi Service’s “Concierge driving ” to local hospital facilities

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One of the problems of living in a small town or staying while vacationing in a remote location is the difficulty of being able to reach hospitals, private clinics and health care facilities.
Emergencies, after all, are always lurking, and when you need a specialist visit or a checkup, the risk is to be in serious trouble.
Hence the idea launched by Gaeta Taxi Service, which in addition to transfers and tours, offers escort service to hospitals and private clinics for medical examinations of all kinds.

“Concierge driving” by Gaeta Taxi Service for local medical care

With the new health care system, which tends to specialize each hospital in a different area, it happens more and more often that while being in, for example, a Itri, Gaeta, Sperlonga, Terracina, Scauri or Minturno, there is a need to reach not only the “Swiss Gift” or Costa Clinic in Formia, but also the “Fiorini” in Terracina, the “Saint Maria Goretti” of Latina or the “San Giovanni di Dio” of Fondi.

How to get to these hospitals without a car early in the morning? Simple by booking a cab to the health facility to which you are headed!
Medical examinations and emergencies, after all, are part of the daily routine not only of residents but also of tourists or people who, although living elsewhere, stay on the coast for a long time.

Taxi to Rome for medical examination: how to book

If it can be difficult to reach area hospitals, let alone deans in the Capital or Naples. Most specialist visits, in fact, are scheduled at 9 a.m., and getting there on time can be a real challenge, certainly stressful and unpleasant.

How to do it? Simply rely on the professionalism of Roberto and his staff and book a cab. You will be dropped off at the hospital entrance well in advance and we will be waiting to take you home safely and comfortably.

The cab number is 339 33 08 359, all you have to do is save it on your phone and keep it in mind when you have special needs such as specialist medical visits.

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