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Naples, the parthenopean city | Naples City Tour

Naples has always been one of the most lively cities on the cost of the Mediterranean sea. The vivaciousness and the friendliness of its people has always enchanted artists from all over the world and today it bewitches those who go to Naples even only for few hours. Thanks to the city tour “Piezz e cor – pieces of heart” Gaeta Taxi Service will make you live the magic of the city of “Pulcinella,” or you can choose a themed excursion if you want to do a specific itinerary. In each case by choosing Gaeta Taxi Service you will be able to relax and visit Naples comfortably, without the stress of public transportation and with no risk of getting lost in the narrow streets of the old part of the city.

Naples City Tour “Piezz e cor”

This itinerary is a cross-section of Naples as it was yesterday and as it is today: a mixture of art, breathtaking views and characteristic flavors.

Duration: 8 hours + transfer time from/to pick up/drop off location.

The excursion begins with a panoramic tour towards “Piazza Garibaldi,” where we will stop at a traditional bakery to taste the famous “sfogliatella,” one of the most loved ricotta cakes of true Neapolitans. Then our driver will drive through the main boulevard “Corso Umberto I” to take you to the beautiful “Piazza del Plebiscito.” There you will take a nice walk around and easily reach “Piazza Municipio” and the “Galleria Umberto I.” You can visit the “Maschio Angioino,” a medieval castel located in front of piazza Municipio and the neo-classical and baroque “Palazzo Reale,” the royal palace which was one of the residence of the Bourbon King until 1860 (when Naples was annexed to the new born Reign of Italy). You will then be transferred near “Castel dell’Ovo,” the most ancient castle of the city, where you can enjoy a tasteful lunch in a typical pizzeria.


After lunch, the tour will continue in “Piazza San Gaetano” to visit the suggestive “Napoli Sotterranea,” which hides another lively city underground, and the “Teatro Greco-Romano” in the old part of the city. Then our driver will take you to the Dome, which chapel was built in honor of Saint Gennaro. Every first Saturday of May in the chapel a miracle happens: the clotted blood of Saint Gennaro liquefies. All Neapolitans, believers or not, wait for this moment all year long, as blood that does not liquefy heralds bad luck for the whole city and its inhabitants.

* Admission tickets to sights are not included
* Personal assistant and private tour guide are available on request.

Themed excursions

If it is not your first time in Naples and you want to go deep into a specific itinerary you can opt for a theme-based excursion such as:

Naples “precious treasures.” An itinerary thought for those who want to discover the treasures shielded in the city palaces and museums. From the historic collections and Pompeii artifacts of the Archeological Museum to the paintings of Tiziano and Caravaggio of the Capodimonte National Museum; from the Bourbon magnificence of the Royal Palace to the humble day life of the Carthusian monks of Sait Martin. Naples “sacred and profane.” The votive skulls in the “Fontanelle” cemitery, the Saint Gennaro’s remains, the Veiled Christ, the artisan workshops of the desecrating nativity scenes in San Gregorio Armeno alley, the underground of the Basilica of Saint Lawrence. This itinerary is a mixture of sights showing both the religiousness and the superstition of Neapolitans, who believe in miracles but at the same time keep a red horn-shaped amulet in their pocket against the evil eye, as they say… “you never know”!


All our suggested tours can be 100% personalized based on how much time you have to spend in the city and what you really want to see. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will plan the most suitable excursion for you!

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