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Italy has plenty of events that aim to enhance typical Italian products.

GAETA TAXI SERVICE would like to recommend to you “Le Vie di Gaeta” (Gaeta’s streets), and event which is dear to the local people and takes place on Saturday 24th of September.

This annual event will once again have at its heart Via Indipendenza, a charming and picturesque pedestrian street. The abundance of small shops right in the heart of this fishermen’s, farmers’ and artisans’ village, will turn into an open air kitchen, where one can enjoy the characteristic dishes of Gaeta prepared by both local organisations and people.

The entire community proudly take part in this event by cooking typical Gaeta dishes such as Tielle (octopus pie), anchovy meatballs, Votapiatto (a squid omelette), Caniscioni (Cheese and meat pasty) and many more specialties. The event is also enriched by superb wine, live music and contagious joy.

For the occasion, the ancient currency Follaro (once produced and used in Gaeta in the tenth century) will be replacing the Euro and allow you to pay for your purchases. Throughout the evening there will be plenty of stalls where it will be possible to exchange your money for Follaro.

If you wish to live and truly appreciate the folklore, taste and genuine flavour of the marvellous town of Gaeta, “Le Vie di Gaeta” is an appointment not to be missed.

We recommend you to spend a weekend in Gaeta where we will be at your disposal for any transfer, either within Gaeta or from/to further locations.

See you in Gaeta!

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