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Italian Journey… with Goethe!

We at Gaeta Taxi Service love to be in step with the times and we use the latest high-tech supplies to make our work more efficient. However, there are some things that we prefer to do in the “old style.” One of this is for sure reading: what’s more relaxing than reading a fine book, turning and smelling the printed pages?

For this coming October, we would like to suggest a nice book, to read during these autumn days, with the pouring rain in the background and a glass of your favorite (hopefully Italian!) red wine nearby. Needless to say, the theme would be the “journey,” because travel is always a dive within oneself. It’s a journey during which, if we are aware of who we are and of the places we are going to see,  we will see the smallest details that otherwise would remain hidden. And we will go back home richer than before.

The book we would like to suggest to you is “Journey in Italy” by J.W. Goethe, which is based on the author’s personal experience during a trip around Italy. Goethe’s journey winds its way through some of the most beautiful Italian cities: Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, where he meets and sometimes clashes with the typical vices and virtues of the Italian people. Even though the book was written at the beginning of the 19th century it will amaze you with its topicality and truthfulness. This is a clear sign that some of the most distinguish features of Italians existed way before Italy was born as a nation!! 

We hope you will enjoy the book and contact us after you’ve turned the last page to plan together your personal “grand tour” discovering the most appealing sites in Italy and the most intimate part of yourself. We will provide you with our professionalism and with the passion we have for this job, which helps us appreciate and value what we do every day.

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