Taxi tour on vacation, find out why it’s convenient

Why consider the possibility of a taxi tour while on vacation?

Visiting tourist destinations during the high season makes you feel truly on holiday and allows you to fully enjoy the most important events of the year, but… looking for a parking spot, what a nuisance!
The squares where all the major events take place are always crowded, most of the popular tourist centers turn their downtown into a limited traffic area: finding a parking space can take up to hours of useless driving around. An endless stress that, inevitably, undermines the peaceful atmosphere of a family holiday.

Gaeta Taxi: the ideal service that allows you to enjoy all the events during the month of August.

No panic: with Gaeta Taxi Service a car will pick you up directly at the resort, hotel or b&b and will drop you off at the event’s location.
No more stressful driving around looking for parking! Moreover, this is an expense that is easily paid off: parking all over Pontine tourist destinations costs approximately 2.00 € per hour.
You can also savor a glass of wine without having to worry about driving afterwards, relax and enjoy your evening out.

Here’s a list of events during the month of August for which you should consider the idea of booking this taxi service.

Book a taxi: summer events that are worth it.

Fondi’s white night.

Fondi‘s white night has now become one of the most appreciated events in Lazio.
With 50,000 people gathered in just one pedestrian area, however, finding a parking space is nearly impossible. If you are staying in Gaeta or in a nearby location you could easily book your taxi tour for a stress-free evening.

Visit Sperlonga in the evening

Sperlonga is one of the most charming towns of Lazio and central Italy, but parking is really a sore point. During the high season it becomes inaccessible to say the least. So much, in fact, that many people decide to leave the car in a no parking zone and are willing to pay a fine just to visit it. But why risk so much? With Gaeta Taxi Service just make a phone call and everything is easily solved.

Visit Gaeta by night

If Sperlonga is virtually inaccessible by car, Gaeta is nothing short of impossible. Those who, while staying in Formia, wish to take a walk along the Caboto promenade or visit the medieval part of the city, inevitably end up stuck in traffic or lined up in a desperate search for a parking spot.
Free shuttles are available, but the number of people is so impressive that even with this free service provided by the town you still have to queue. Moreover, near the bus stop, parking is once again an issue. But with Formia Taxi service you just need to make a phone call and the problem is solved for the entire family.

An evening in Terracina, Sabaudia or San Felice Circeo
There are at least three other places that are worth visiting – for those staying in Gaeta, that are a bit difficult to reach, especially during weekends.
We are talking about Terracina, Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo: three wonderful towns by the seashore, with a rich billboard of summer events, but eternally off limits with regard to parking. With Terracina Taxi service, which covers nearby locations as well, of course, the whole evening will take on another flavor.
With a taxi tour, in short, the entire Ulysses’ Riviera and the Pontine coast are close at hand.
Make sure you write down the taxi number, always keep it with you and book your tour to make the most out of your beautiful evenings during this holiday.

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