Visit the Amalfi Coast with private tour

Looking for an unusual and comfortable way to visit the Amalfi Coast? Have you ever thought of a private road trip?

Sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and off we go!

A full private tour of the Amalfi Coast that will help you make the most of your time here and spend it delightfully between Sorrento and Ravello, along one of the most beautiful roads of the Italian peninsula, where the journey itself becomes a pleasant adventure.

Overlooking the sea, the Coast stretches along the Gulf of Salerno: it comprises some of its most famous sites, including Amalfi.


The road passing through these sites seems like a balcony, suspended between the sea and the slopes of the Lattari Mountains, in a rush of valleys and hills to be enjoyed on an unusual and sincere taxi tour, just like the lands we will tell you all about.

A private tour means to intensely enjoy the sea, the scent of Sorrento’s famous lemons, the voices at the marketplace, a delicious ice cream on the town square and, if you’re up for it, a dip in the sea under the Campanian sun, with guaranteed privacy.

Sunny beaches, secret coves and citrus gardens to be discovered along State Road nr. 163, called the Blue Ribbon, a 50 km-long stretch of winding coast to admire while comfortably seated on the back seat of our private taxi.

Day and night we offer private airport transfers both from Rome and Naples to discover this original side of one of the most beautiful coasts of the world: for those who have never been here before, and for those wishing to come back.

If you want to enter the right mood, though, it all has to start from the sea. Renowned and evocative is the use of the gozzo, a typical local fishing boat. To enjoy this journey at its best, depart from Amalfi and reach Positano, with Capri standing out on the horizon.

Once in Positano, a stroll along the Lovers’ Path is a must. And also buying a pair of beautiful, custom-made and genuinely Italian-made sandals, perfect to climb the picturesque stairways in Positano. The ideal location to relax and build unforgettable memories.

The small town of Furore is also worth a visit: a village of just 800 inhabitants boasting not just the only Italian fjord but also a tiny vineyard where the Bianco Fiorduva di Marisa Cuomo, one of the most refined white wines in Italy, is grown.

private tour and transfer privati aeroportuali costiera amalfitana

Along this stretch of coast there is also the wonderful villa of Sophia Loren, Villa Chandon, as well as the old convent – now turned into a hotel, Hotel Santa Rosa – where in the 1700s was born, almost by chance, the Neapolitan “sfogliatella”.

Amalfi is a whole new world to discover, full of life and traditions. There’s an old saying among Amalfitans: they say that the day one dies is just like any other day. The reason is that from the cemetery there is a breathtaking view to which they are accustomed. And that’s where their homes are, away from the waves of tourists, at the highest point of Amalfi, next to the town of Atrani.

Among the villages of the Amalfi Coast there lies the second smallest Italian village, Atrani, that due to its small size has preserved the authentic atmosphere of the typical seaside village.

You cannot leave without paying a visit to its churches, that of San Salvatore in particular, where the crowning of the doge (duke) of the Republic of Amalfi use to take place. And you should definitely taste the local dish, the “sarchiapone“: a zucchini stuffed with mozzarella cheese, chopped meat and herbs, fried and then sautéed in tomato sauce.


private tour - airport transfer Naples to Positano Costiera Amalfitana

Agerola. The view of the Amalfi Coast from Agerola is even more beautiful. It is in fact so spectacular that it seems like a corner of heaven: no wonder they call the path running along the mountain side from (village on the hills of the coast) to Nocelle (a small district of Positano) the “Path of the Gods”.

Particularly celebrated is “The Sounds of the Gods”: a well renowned musical event that takes place on Wednesday mornings during the months of May, September and October along the Path of the Gods. The Pelagos Association and the Municipality of Praiano organize these refined and much appreciated concerts of classical or contemporary music.

You think you have seen everything? Not quite.

It is now time to let you enjoy the pearl of the Amalfi Coast: Ravello and its gardens, the most beautiful on the coast. The merit has to be attributed to the British because it was the noblemen arriving here for the Grand Tour who brought along their great passion for gardens and especially roses: we owe to Ernest William Beckett the splendor of Villa Cimbrone.

transfer privati aeroportuali costiera amalfitanaTheir most beautiful creations can also be admired at Villa Rufolo from the town’s panoramic viewpoint, and also in several private gardens such as the Belmond Hotel Caruso, where the original structure of the flower-filled boulevard has been preserved. For this and much more Ravello is the most exclusive among the small towns and villages of the coast!

* Upon request, you can visit a local farm where limoncello, preserves and lemon baked goods and sweets are produced. You will be able to observe the entire production process and and breathe the inebriating lemon scent of the lemon trees while walking among the citrus groves.

Our proposals are 100% customizable based on your time and what you want to see: contact us now to study the most suitable itinerary!

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