Gaeta awarded “Blue Flag” for the seventh year in a row!


If you’re looking for a sea town close to Rome, with beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters, Gaeta is the destination you are looking for.

Once again, Gaeta has been awarded “Blue Flag”, thanks to the efforts and actions done by the communal administration and the citizens. The ceremony for the award will take place at the National Research Council in Rome, on May 3rd2019 at 11

The town every year tries to meet the criteria set by the project “Blue Flag”, in order to win the award, guaranteeing more popularity to the seaside resort and supporting a sustainable tourism.

The cleanness of the sea water, the safety and services provided by the each beach resort, the small seaside restaurants, all this certainly contributes to the celebrity of Gaeta: our waters are crystal-clear and restore body and soul!

In the past years, the creation of bicycle lanes and footpaths has allowed tourists to fully enjoy public areas, taking long walks or a riding a bike on the seafront. Also, the urban design has successfully improved the beauty and tidiness of the city.

Waste management, and in particular its separate collection, improves every year thanks to the important contribution of citizens and business owners who care about the environment protection.

Wildlife valorization had been another central target for the local administration: today, the natural reserve of Monte Orlando is a green oasis, constantly protected by the Park Authority. There are severa paths heading towards the heart of the park, in the discovery of local flora and fauna.

How to get to Gaeta

The sea town is easily reachable, from north to south, with every mean of transport, thanks to its position between Rome and Naples. Gaeta Taxi Service, a driver hire service, could be the right solution for you, making your trip and stay in Gaeta, more peaceful and less stressful.

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