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Port of Civitavecchia: the largest tourist and commercial port in Lazio

There hundreds of places to visit in Italy, the peninsula much loved by foreign and local tourists. Among the post famous and appreciated, there is Civitavecchia, which represents the second most frequented stop in Europe, thanks to its port.

The city, born from an Etruscan settlement, has perfectly kept the symbols that have built the history of Civitavecchia; thanks to the mild climate of the Lazio region, places and monuments can be admired all year around.

You wish to visit Civitavecchia and you are coming from Rome, Naples, Amalfi or Fiumicino airport but don’t know how to reach it? Well, we have an easy solution to offer: the professionality of the Taxi Service available in Civitavecchia. You will easily have the chance to reach the city anytime and without worrying about burocratic issues. If you have arrived with a flight at Fiumicino, just rely on the professionality of our transfer drivers and your holidays will soon start.


In Civitavecchia, where there are several historical sites, time seems to have stopped. Here the most important sites:


The complex of five natural pools with its natural sulphate-calcium waters, that can reach 40°, is a panacea for allergies, skin diseases and rheumatic pain. Water runs from a natural spring, which is still active today. Its name comes from the fig tree located between the pools;


The legend has it that it was a taurus who created the spring, digging with his legs in the ground before a battle. The pool is located on a hill, just few kilometres away from the city, a strategic position that guarantees a sensational view on the Mediterranean Sea;


As one of the most famous forts in Italy, the Michelangelo fort, built to protect the Historical Port of Civitavecchia, represents a symbolic place for the city;

Civitavecchia also has extensive green areas where you can get lost. Pineta della Frasca, is a natural monument originated from the sea erosion, which created a beach and inlets, much appreciated by diving lovers. Civitavecchia also offers a good solution for those who like long walks: the section of seafront, the marina, which stretches from Michelangelo Fort to Borgo Odescalchi, will take you to heaven during sunset, hand in hand with your lover.


There are two major holy sites in the city:

  • THE SANCTUARY OF THE MADONNA OF PANTANO, which has become a holy site after February 2nd1995, when the small statue of the Medjugorje Virgin started tearing blood.
  • THE CATHEDRAL OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI devoted to the Umbria friar and St. Anthony of Padua. The walls, destroyed during World War II, were rebuilt in 1950 from the architect Plinio Marconi from Verona.


If you have already visited Civitavecchia and are willing to move around its surroundings, rely on the confidence and professionality of our Taxi Service, and in a short time you will reach lovely villages and cities. Below a short list of places of interest:

  • Civita di Bagnoregio, known all over the world as the “dyeing city”, is an attractive place that will steal your heart;
  • Tarquinia, one of the most important Etruscan settlement, is a city rich in history and charm;
  • Santa Marinella, the sea town awarded in 2005, for its seabed, as site of Community interest;
  • Monte Romano, with its famous Clock tower.


You want to reach Civitavecchia but don’t know how? No worries, there are a number of transfers that will take you to Civitavecchia from Fiumicino; if you’re travelling from Rome, there are other transfers that will take you to the sea town from the Capital city of Italy. Once arrived in Civitavecchia, rely on Civitavecchia Taxi service and you will be able to move around anytime with freedom. Transfers from the Port of Civitavecchia have never been so easy: making a last minute reservation, you will have the availability of transfers that from Rome will take you anywhere you want.


Once your vacation will be over, going back home will be easy thanks to the transfers that from Civitavecchia will take you to Rome or thanks to the number of taxies available between Civitavecchia and Fiumicino. The transfer from the Port of Civitavecchia and Fiumicino airport will be managed in the best possible way, so that the end of your vacation will sound like the beginning of a new adventure.

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