Easter in Lazio: 4 places to visit at almost no cost

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Have you thought of spending the Easter weekend in Lazio, but you don’t know where to go, we recommend 4 places to visit which are not to be missed and are absolutely free!

The hermitage of San Michele Arcangelo in Formia and the statue of the Redeemer

Let’s start from the lower end of Lazio, precisely from Maranola – a small fraction of Formia -, where there is an interesting place nestled in the mountain. We are talking about the hermitage of San Michele, a small church carved into the rock located on the top of Monte Altino, overlooking the coast of Formia, Scauri and Gaeta. To get there you need to walk the mountain road that leads to the Redeemer, another place that is highly recommended. Here it is possible to admire the statue of Christ the Redeemer which brings with it a particular story. This, in fact, is among one of  the 20 panoramic peaks where Pope Leone XIII decided to install the statues of Christ the Redeemer to pay homage to the arrival of the twentieth century. The statue was cast in Paris, in the Tuse Mense foundry, made with a single block that weighed a total of 2100kgs. It was transported to Formia by train where it arrived in September 1900. From here it was taken to Maranola in a cart pulled by four oxen, it waited there while the road was built that connects Monte Altino to Maranola. On 4 June the statue began its journey towards Monte Altino on a sled pulled by oxen and hundreds of people where it reached the summit after forty days.

The path to get to the top of Monte Altino is quite easy, and is achievable even for people who are not used to mountain walking. Once you arrive at the hermitage of San Michele, you will find yourself in front of an significant sight: the rock that encompasses the small church and a breathtaking view! Unfortunately, the hermitage is only open a few times in the year, but looking through the grates you will be able to peer inside the structure containing the small altar and the rock walls.

Easter 2022 in Ventotene and Ponza

How about spending Easter in Lazio visiting two of its most beautiful islands such as Ventotene and Ponza? Among the most popular destinations in summer, these two Pontine islands deserve to be visited also during the spring, when they are less crowded, to fully enjoy the wonderful naturalistic views they offer.

What to see in Ventotene

Among the things to visit in Ventotene, we recommend starting at the ancient site of the Roman Peschiera, near the Roman port. This fishpond dug into the rock dates back to the 1st century. B.C. and was used for fish farming. The pools were decorated with marine-themed stuccoes and consisted of two covered pools into which both the salt water of the sea and the fresh water could flow. Outside there was a third pool that collected the fish while cleaning the two tanks. Furthermore, marine fauna could benefit from immersed spaces where they could shelter to lay their eggs.

If you stay in Ventotene for just one day, you cannot miss a boat tour to discover the most beautiful coves such as Parata Grande, Cala Pascone, Punta dell’Arco, Cala Battaglia while passing through the island of Santo Stefano.

What to see in Ponza

If you want to take a tour of Ponza at no cost, by walking around the island you can discover details that tell the story of this island. The island features examples of Bourbon architecture such as the colourful port, redesigned by Ferdinand IV and designed by the engineer Francesco Carpi and the genius Antonio Winspeare on the foundation of the ancient Greek port. Even the houses carved into the rock, in the Forna area, are an example of prehistoric open-air architecture that are a must see.

There are many things to visit in Ponza for free, just bring a good pair of shoes and a little spirit of adventure and you will discover the wonderful natural views! Of course, we also recommend that you take a boat tour to discover the spectacular coves of Ponza. You will not be disapointed!

Discovering Civita di Bagnoreggio

The enchanting Civita di Bagnoreggio is a village with an ancient charm that owes its fame to its fragility. In fact, the expression that characterizes this place refers to the natural erosion of the diving rocks on which it is positioned, these have been crumbling over the centuries. To reach it, it is necessary to cross a bridge that can only be reached on foot. Once you arrive in the village, you will be spoiled for choice of things to visit. Civita di Bagnoreggio is in fact an open-air museum with its monuments and churches.

The entrance to the city characterized by a monumental door called Porta Santa Maria, surmounted by a pair of lions clawing two human heads and with bas-reliefs on the sides of the door. They are both symbols celebrating the victory of the inhabitants of Civita di Bagnoreggio in 1457 over the dominance of the Monaldeschi family from Orvieto.

Once you enter the village you can admire the Renaissance palaces of the Colesanti, the Bocca and the Alemanni that stand out in the narrow streets. Also worth visiting is the Antica Civitas museum and the cave of San Bonaventura where the tomb of Bonaventura da Bagnoreggio, friar and biographer of San Francesco d’Assisi was excavated.

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