How to get to Ponza? Things to see and visit on the Pontine Island

How to get to Ponza

Ponza is certainly one of the most popular destinations for spending a day in crystal clear waters, relaxation and good food. For those who are in Formia and its surroundings, it is the most popular destination because it is easily accessible and, in a short time, you will arrive in true paradise. If you are wondering how to get to Ponza from Formia, you can take a hydrofoil boat to the island in 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is the best and fastest solution for those who do not need a car. In fact, those who have to go to Formia from Gaeta, Itri or other neighbouring towns, and do not want to take a car, can rely on our NCCS Gaeta Taxi Service, an excellent alternative to transport, especially if travelling in a group. Our rates are agreed in advance per journey and not per person. But let’s not waste any more time and let’s start our Ponza tour!

The beaches of Ponza, between coves and unspoilt nature

Old Baths (Bagno Vecchio)

Once in Ponza, one of the first things to do is definitely dive into its turquoise waters and discover the marvellous coves that keep their wild charm intact. One of these is the Bagno Vecchio – also called La Parata -, a very white beach that can only be reached by sea. This beach has a very interesting history as, in the Bourbon era, it was a penal bath where the convicts were confined and forced to hard labour. Another peculiarity of this beach is the Roman necropolis located above the coast that can be visited on foot, perhaps after 3.00 pm, when the area is shaded.

Cala Cecata

The more adventurous tourists can enter a path overlooking the sea that leads to Cala Cecata. 100 steps leading to one of the most beautiful rocky inlets where tranquillity reigns supreme, where it is possible to admire the wild and immaculate beauty of the coast.

Cala Gaetano

Diving enthusiasts will appreciate Cala Gaetano, a very clear expanse of emerald green water, located at the end of Ponza, which has remained unspoiled, thanks to the fact that it can be reached via a path made up of 300 steps overlooking the sea. Its depths are populated by various marine species which make it the perfect place for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Pediment (Frontone)

Frontone is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Ponza. Its fame is due to the fact that it is easily accessible, both by land and by sea, and also to the presence of equipment and refreshment places on the beach. The characteristics of this beach that immediately catch the eye are the numerous pebbles that cover its entire surface, and the Mediterranean brushwood above that frames the crystalline sea.

What to do in Ponza during your stay?

In addition to the beaches, Ponza gives the opportunity to have several fascinating experiences. Let’s start from the Pilato Caves, mysterious tunnels dug into the rock along the coast, reachable in 10 minutes by boat from the port. The partially submerged structure consists of a central basin dating back to Roman times, whose function is not entirely clear. Some sources describe it as a fish-breeding tank, while others as the private baths connected to the villa of Octavian Augustus. The pool is connected to a series of tunnels that can be navigated by boat.

Another experience to do in Ponza is to discover the architectural symbols of the city. In fact, perhaps not everyone knows that the island has examples of architecture dating back to the Bourbon era, such as the colourful port that welcomes tourists visiting Ponza. The port area project was commissioned by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon who redesigned it together with the engineer Francesco Carpi and the major part of Genius Antonio Winspeare on the basis of the ancient Greek port.

An example of architecture, completely different from the previous one, concerns the prehistoric rock-cut dwellings located in Le Forna. This area came to life during the Bourbon period thanks to the island’s repopulation project by workers from Torre del Greco. These occupied the caves forming real communities. Now, some of these examples of rock architecture are used as Bed & Breakfasts.

We have given you an example of the itinerary of your trip, but now let’s find out how to get to Ponza in comfort.

How to get to Ponza from Rome?

Now you have understood that Ponza holds many sentiments, so why not visit it at least once? Even if you depart from Rome, relying on our transfer service you will not have to take trains or public transport, but you will have a reserved service that will accompany you to your destination in complete tranquillity and safety. Furthermore, in this delicate period, we have taken all anti-Covid precautions to guarantee a journey in complete safety and serenity.

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